Thursday, October 16, 2014 the students from Marketing and Mass Communication of Binus University invited to Grand Metro TV to be the audience for Mata Najwa Television Program Taping. In that program, the topic discussed was about “The Pleasure of Being a Corruptor”. The guest stars were Emerson Y. as The Coordinator of Legal Supervision and Judicial of ICW, Rimawan P. as UGM’s Researcher, Purwoardoko as The Prison’s Architect, Eman S. as The Chairman of Judges Supervision and Investigation, Patra M. as Lawyer, Busyro M. as The Vice Chairman of KPK.


It was such a great opportunity to be the part of the show. We gained many informations about how the corruptors were treated during the detention time. Though they were arrested for making such a great loss to our state, the penalties that they received were grossly disproportionate to the adverse action that they have done. The penalties that borned were very light and sometimes they still receive reductions of their detention time. These are not all special treatments. Corruptors also received such a great and fancy facilities in their cells such as Sukamiskin’s Prison has a television, refrigerator,  indoor bathroom with shower, air conditioner, comfortable bedroom, laptop, speaker, dispenser, book case, study table, cellphone, etc. But of course, the more they get, the more it costs. Imagine the inequity in our country, people who have money can do anything. In this period, money is the boss, mattered, dominated, and influential. Based on data that had been displayed on Mata Najwa event, the total loss of our state had reached to the number of 151,1 billion. With that huge number of money, we can use it to defray the underprivileged students from S1-S3 instead. It really helps them to get the opportunity of better educations.

The chance for corruptors to commit corruptions are sourced from daily public expenditures needs. It means we as the society that were clearly harmed, still continuously being charged to pay their luxurious life in jail. It is so apprehensive. Corruption is not only tarnish the dignity of our nation but also cause a mental damage for our society. As our society is a good imitator, the culture of corruption have to be eradicated shortly. The government still needs to fix the legal system in our country, in order to provide a deterrent effect for the corrupt by giving a commensurate penalties for those who try to do the corruptions in our state.


“The Pleasure of Being a Corruptor”, has been a trending topic for this last period. Money and position is the main trigger of someone to be a corruptor. Before we end this, we have a perfect quote which regarding to this common issue, “It’s good to have money and the things money can buy. But it’s good too, to check up once in a while and make sure that you haven’t lost the things money can’i buy.” – George Horace Lorimer-


Writer: Jessica Wijaya, Shintia Wijaya, Siska. (SR/Bbh).