Riana Jogi Ahdareni M S.I.Kom., M.I.Kom

Riana Jogi Ahdareni M S.I.Kom., M.I.Kom


Riana Jogi Ahdareni M.I.Kom is the Coordinator of the Mass Communication Laboratory and also a lecturer at Binus University. With a bachelor’s degree at Binus University and a master’s degree from the London School of Public Relations, he is so passionate about broadcasting technology and loves making creative videos, that he won the Basuki Abdullah Museum Profile competition.

Riana has been in the broadcasting world for more than 6 years as a producer, camera person, and director making several BINUS TV programs. started teaching in 2019 under the guidance of Nusantara university and is also the coordinator of the broadcasting lab which manages broadcasting student projects and competitions.

Riana welcomes all disciplines related to the field but is not limited to expanding research





Laboratory Coordinator – Alam Sutera • Laboratory – BINUS TV