Mia Angeline

Mia Angeline

Mia Angeline is a senior lecturer in the Communication Department Bina Nusantara University. She has proven track records in both academic and various professional industries. Her diverse educational background has equipped her with logical thinking and strong communication skills. Her fondness of technology drives her research into digital media and public relations. Aside from being a lecturer, she is also very active in various digital literacy activities. Her spare time is filled with reading books and admiring contemporary art.

International Conferences:

  • Can the Damage be Undone? Analyzing Misinformation during COVID-19 Outbreak in Indonesia, presented in International Conference on Information Management, Jakarta 2020
  • Digitalize Your Brand: Case Study on How Brands Utilize Social Media Platforms to Achieve Branding and Marketing Goals, Presented in ICIMTECH, Jakarta 2019
  • How Story, Visual, Community, and Channel Contribute to Social Media Branding of Indonesian Local Brand, Presented in IMHA, Jakarta, 2018
  • Diversity Approach in The Workplace (Study in Indonesian Retail Company), Presented in ICCIC conference, Jakarta, 2016
  • Social Media Use and Civic Participation in Indonesia: A Study of Political Participation among Women in Jakarta, Presented in PACA, Bandung, 2014
▪ Speaker for “Webinar Dinas Kominfo Kota Tangerang: Digital Marketing Strategi UMKM dalam Pemulihan Ekonomi Hadapi New Normal” by KPCPEN on November 2020.

▪ Speaker for “How to Avoid Misinformation” workshop for Family Welfare Program, 2020

▪ Speaker for “Digital Marketing for SMEs” training for Small Medium Enterprises owners, 2020

▪ Speaker for “Social Media Storytelling” training for Highschool students, 2020

▪ Speaker for “Using Social Media Effectively” Seminar for Highschool students, 2019

▪ Speaker for “Intercultural Communication” Workshop for Highschool students, 2018

▪ Speaker for “How to Manage Fear in Public Speaking” Seminar, held by Teach for Indonesia Bina Nusantara University, 2017

▪ Speaker for “Event Management and Sponsorship” Workshop for Micro and Small Enterprises, 2016

▪ Leader in Communication Audit Project for Al Ishlah Nonprofit Organization, 2015