For fresh graduates students, entering the workforce is (sometimes) scary because the work environment is very different from the campus environment. Many things must be considered when entering the world of work, such as knowing ethics in the workplace and realizing to always uphold professionalism at work. A sense of professionalism at work must exist in each person because this professional attitude will determine who he is in the workplace.

A professional attitude in the world of work has become a mandatory requirement for every employee who works in a company. An employee must always be aware of how to behave like a professional. In addition, an employee must always be able to adapt to maintain his professionalism in various conditions that are being experienced. With a professional attitude, employees can understand relationships, know their duties and responsibilities, and be able to focus and be consistent with work matters. This attitude will certainly have a positive impact on the company and for themselves.

This professionalism can be built by paying attention to several things. First, a professional person must have a great sense of responsibility so that the things he has done do not cause harm to other parties. Second, must know good ethics at work (honest and trustworthy) and avoid several things such as being selfish, refusing to accept criticism and suggestions from other employees, violating company regulations, involving personal life while at work, and using office facilities without the company’s knowledge. . The last thing that must be known if we want to become a professional is that we must have an attitude that does not give up easily, is willing to continue to learn and improve. Because basically, humans will not be free from mistakes and so is the world of work. Even a professional person will and will make mistakes, but these mistakes should not be used as an excuse to give up but must be used as lessons so that they can continue to develop into a more professional person.

Therefore, when fresh graduates face the world of work, they should not be used as fear but rather as a new challenge to develop themselves every day. Because basically, a sense of professionalism can continue to be developed if there is a determination from oneself to continue to change into someone more professional every day.


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By: Marcella Aprilliani | 2201760075

This article is based on a PR Lab practicum project for the Workplace Ethics & Behaviour course