Once in a while, there was a guy just living his life in high school, he was empty inside and didn’t have a direction in his life, and suddenly without knowing anything there was this girl, she was a transfer student so I noticed her immediately. I barely talk to her and only know a bit about her. I began to know her more because of my friend, we began t o talk and know each other better from 12th of July. We started to chat and talk about everything, and began to know each other better. We talk and share the stories of our life together through social media. One day, I felt that I was starting to get too attached to her, and found her cute. I think she was one of the kind, she was smart, unique, and so talented.

She was the smartest girl in class not just in one lesson but all the lessons, teachers started to notice her because of her grade while I’m still being one of the dumb one in the class. She was a carrying person, she didn’t want any of her friends to be left behind. She began to teach all the students that needed her help to improve their score, she also told me to study and teach me how to solve it, and so I began to improve my score. We were so close but yet so far, she told me once that “love is possible after friendship, but friendship after love is just so hard”, and I felt that I wasn’t ready either but deep down I know that I truly love her so much. She told me lots of life lessons and I always wrote it down on a note so that one day I may remember what love truly meant for her. She told me once that love is partnership not ownership, it might not always be 50-50, but some days we got to take that extra load of effort like 70-30, but on other days there got to be times where it will be 20-80, as long as it’s still 100. We all know that falling in love means that we’re going to really fall one day. But we just got to find who is worth falling for. If you love someone, you have fight for it, you have to be confident of yourself first, because you have to fix yourself first then you can run a relationship, so you may take care of her too, because if you don’t know how to take care of yourself then how can you take care of her too. We also have to make sure and be gentle with our partner’s scars, we may have to take that extra load of effort and have more courage to remove that scar into something good. That’s why if you love someone, you have to take their good and their bad, and turn their bad into something good.

Partnership itself has a strong meaning, partnership itself means when two or several people work together to achieve a certain goal and share the results simultaneously, but if in terms of a relationship, of course the partnership can be described as something good, it can cooperate to individuals, it can be said like when the two individuals work together and carry the burden together in the relationship to achieve a goal, so the relationship can have each others trust and make a happiness for both individuals.

If you had to choose someone as your partner in life, would you choose someone you love or someone practical as your partner? Practical means someone that can give you a sense of security in every way, or is it just simply out of love even though he/she likes to waste a lot of money, but simply because you like him/her it would be okay. From my point of view, I would choose someone that can give me a sense of security, because as for out of love, i think love will eventually fade one day, but for someone practical, he/she has something to hold on too for the long run, so that it may last long. You have to find someone who can understand you the most, people who stick with you through the worst times, and deserve to be with you through your best times. We have to find someone that knows how to handle us through our hard times and gives us a sense of security and makes us comfy whenever he/she sticks by our side. I think that practical can be a long run relationship because they have the same common purpose and comfort through their relationship. Nothing is perfect in this world, but at least he/she can fit you best and you know there’s still hope between u and him/her.

Someone who has decided to get married certainly needs to have a commitment. When someone wants to get married, of course he has to be responsible for his partner for the rest of his/her life, not only that of course when we marry someone, of course we also have to take responsibility for his family too, because of course we have to respect his family’s efforts to raise our partner until he’s/she’s an adult, therefore we also need to be responsible for our spouse’s family when we marry him/her later.