Truthfully, things get done faster and easier this way. We all want to go home before 5, aren’t we? 

When we are working in a formal institution or organization, we have to understand that professional communication is playing a huge role and probably is the main method for communicating with each other. Whether you are in a meeting or responding to e-mails, we use professional communication as it is has become an appropriate culture and behavior in a workplace environment. But does communicate professionally will open your way to success?

Recently, I managed to gather a couple of information regarding communicating professionally in a workplace environment, and the result makes me realize that the people you work with also have a life outside of work. Perhaps, you might want to adjust your communicating method depend on the situation. Ms. Septyari in my interview explained it is indeed that communicating professionally is important for your productivity and career, hence it is the potentials to make your intention and thoughts to be more understandable and comprehensive. Through professional communication, you can describe your communication structure clearly, and, communicating professionally adds respect toward both you and the person you are talking to.

Here is the thing, when you respect yourself and the person, you’re talking to you open up a bigger possibility for them to take you seriously and respecting what you’re trying to say. They will give you the same treatment and you will more likely get the response you expected. Even so, Ms. Septyari and Mr. Dorio both explained that professional communication has its context and moment. When they are talking about things aside from work, they commonly still use an informal communication style.

Furthermore, communicating professionally also must be done when facing a problem and conducting a discussion. Ms. Septyari said her organization, Bina Nusantara Group handles conflict through open forums and discussions by having structured opinion options and third parties as a mediator while on the other hand, Mr. Dorio explained his organization’s take in overcoming problems are through steps of the procedure. The most current cases are related to how the pandemic has been affecting Indonesia’s economy. Jasa Asuransi Indonesia (JASINDO) has been enacting simplification to overcome the overwhelming process of communication within the internals, corporate, and customers.

Like the famous say, Anthony Robbins, “The way we communicate with others and with ourselves ultimately determines the quality of our lives”. With, perhaps communicating professionally has become a cultural staple to respect and value the nature of communication itself.

Written by: Ella Xenia Maharani – 2201836785



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