J.K Rowling once said that “there’s always room for a story that can transport people to another place.” The story is part of human nature, we grow by the stories from our parents, our teacher, our friends or maybe from strangers we met at the bus station. Stories are an important part in building someone’s reputation — and corporation. Because nowadays, people are not only buying products, but also consider the reputation. That is why public relations practitioners need to ponder on how to write a good story for their brand.

Celinne Da Costa, a brand story coach and writer also said “When developing a content strategy, it’s important to remember that earning brand loyalty and moving people to action goes far beyond telling a beautiful story… it’s also about authenticity. To create a story that is emotionally powerful, relatable, and gets results, don’t be afraid to reveal the heart and soul of your brand: that’s what will ultimately get people’s attention.” So, authenticity is the key. The one that differentiate between your brand and others.

Good stories can move people, this anecdote was right. With storytelling, you can share your company’s value in a more connected and inspiring way. Public relations practitioners are indeed in need of strong storytelling skill. For instance, Airbnb, an online marketplace which offer the property to rent. They build “Stories from the Airbnb Community”, this campaign turns out successful and it helps consumers to trust the property owners. Another example is from TOMS, a shoes company which has incredible storytelling strategy that make people do good to others. TOMS build their story with this tagline “with every product you purchase, TOMS will help a person in need. One for one”.

We cannot move people in one night, and of course, we cannot build storytelling skill in a short time. It needs a lot of practices, strategy, trial and error. However, as a communicator, it worth the time and energy. We hope you can build your own story and resonate people to be a part of it. (YS)