To understand group and team communication, we must understand the difference between a group and a team. Many people think that a group is simply a collection of people to pass information, and a team is a collection of members who share a unifying goal. The team succeeds through sharing knowledge, diversity of experiences, and collaborative energy. Member realizes their individual success depends on the synergy of the team. So, After you understand the difference between them, you need to get tips for success in team communication through see what you need to do and don’t in your team.

  1. Choosing Team Member

See the credibility of each member to become your team, just make sure that you’ll not be regret from your choice, so professionality is number one for your team.

  1. Clarifying Individual and Team Goals

You have to know and understand what are your goals especially what you want through your team to achieve it, so you’ll have to clarify all the things for achieving your goals with your team.

  1. Making Assignments

After you clarify your goals for your team and your work, it’s time for you to making assignments to achieve your goal, this one is one of the most difficult things to do in your list, because it’s not like another thing that only can speak with words, because you need to do this with your brain and also your physique.

  1. Celebrating Success.

It sounds crazy, but actually this is the most important thing to do after you do your work with your team after you achieve your goals with your team, it’s trigger you and your team to achieve more goals in your work if you’re celebrating your success with your team, such as go to party together, have a fancy dinner, etc.

That’s all can make you and your partners can be more professional and you can achieve your goals easily and makes you be a more collective person in your life.

article by:

Muhammad Irfan Zahir (Marketing Communication 2020)