Public relations (PR) are an ever-changing industry. To survive in this industry, you must learn one basic skill, research. There are some reasons why research is very important Public Relations ‘s skill:

  • Data is the king

If you wish to be a PR Professional, you can’t be trusted by your client or organization unless you gave them a valid data. To get valid data, of course, you must do research. It could be qualitative with Focus Group Discussion (FGD), interview, or observation or quantitatively based on survey or polling.

  • The basis of public relations plan and strategy

The first step of public relations activity is Research. It will be your way to get an understanding of your organization and its stakeholders. This step also will help you on whether your plans will work in the future.

  • Foundation of program evaluation

Not only for the planning, you also need research when you want to make an evaluation. To get the specific result about your public relations program you must hold a comprehensive research. The result of this research also important for the next PR program or strategy.

  • To get an update with new trends

As a dynamic industry, public relations practitioners need to stay updated with the trends. One way to get there is to make a research regarding the current “hot” topic. When you can get solid data about the current trends, I bet you’ll be a leader in the industry.

  • Awareness of competitor

Keeping an eye of competitors is important for every PR practitioner. By making a research about them, you’ll get a better plan for the next strategy. And again, it will put you one step ahead by your competitor.

So, from the list above we can conclude that research is an important part of public relations. So as a communication student, don’t forget to sharpen your skill in research. (YS)