Karina Valendini Ramadhita was born in Jakarta, 14 February 1994. She’s a Binus University alumnus who’s currently working in an architecture company and Lansekap (Indonesian Architect Organization). However, she did not have an architecture background as she was a Communication Study graduate. She took her bachelor’s degree in Communication Department, Binus University. “This is a funny thing to me and I am sure everybody would see this as a unique situation, ‘cause I studied Communication and I work as an architecture now”, she admitted. Karina claimed that she does not want to work in the marketing division. Karina Valendini was a Binusian 2016, she enjoyed creating designs and many other things related to art.

            When asked about her current work, Karina said that she enjoys doing her work right now, she is very passionate about her work in architecture. Karina said;” I don’t think I want to have another job besides being an architect, this is my dream job”. She also stated that occupation is not determined by our degree, but it is about our passion and dream job. She claimed that there is a huge correlation between the work she is doing right now and the Communication study that she had through, “Of course there is a correlation between the study that I had through and the work I am doing right now, even though in such architecture company like where I work at, we need communication in a big scale, as well in Lansekap, we always have customer relationship and it needs a good communication to handle such thing”.

Karina admitted that being a Bachelor Degree’s in Communication has given her a special skill in both speaking and marketing, also had a huge positive impact on her soft skill. Karina explained that in the company she works at, they have to listen to their customers’ wants and needs, they have to be able to satisfy the customer and fulfill their needs. Karina always tried to meet the customers’ expectation. Even though most of the times, she faced a very difficult situation, she never gave up. Karina received a lot of complaints as well, but she saw those complaints as a chance to do better. In the company Karina works at, she learned so many communication skills in order to satisfy customers’ need.

            Karina Valendini had a wonderful time taking her bachelor degree in Communication Department, Binus University. She got so many experiences and had prepared her in the professional world. She gained networking and colleagues through her education in Binus University, “I won’t be successful as who I am right now without my study in Binus University”, she said. Studying communication at Binus University had given me a knowledge of marketing communication, and taught me how to solve marketing problems in the professional world. Binus University has given me skills that are useful until now.