“Being PR student is really something, simply forget to say Hi before your email you are really going to hell” (Theofany – PR Student class of 2018)

PR never become a favorite major in every university, but be in one is making your proud little bit more. First of all, we really need to admit that Marcomm Binus was evolving  so much in this field, they started in 2008 with passions and will to make a good environtment in communication industry. (this is the course plan they have at this moment). They make changes from time to time, they evaluate the curriculum, they make new major, they classified the focus and they care about minor while anybody doesn’t. well, they have mass-comm now, they differs corporate and marketing PR, they make TV Studio, they did a study visit to another university, they invites young lecturer, those some.

Pr is a major where you can learn how to speak properly in languanges, to make deck for your business plan, wo answer email, to make report, to publish release, to know how the journalist work without being one, understand how local law is ruling, how advertising changes, or simply answering email with good manner, and the most important to listen to the crisis case. PR is a field where you can be really good or really bad. PR would easily define you as the ‘it’ or the ‘girl’ of the brand, PR let you grow rapidly.

We are growing up as PR student with the paradigm that we must be really good at talking. When 100% of the lecturer always thaugt us to listen and negotiate. We really couldn’t go just saying nonsense things or simply being fake like society grows pour profession.

In a nutshell, PR world grows so fast. We work globally, we basically everywhere, we are needed, we are multi-talented, we understand business, we manage crisis, we make presentation, we present, we take complaints, we manage crisis, we make advertising and branding plan, we understand the workflow of  journalist, we understand how crisis works, we support campaign, we pitch, we stay at the gate, we basically listen, we travel, we are nice yet assertive. (Theofany Avesena)