Marketing communication is one of the major at Binus University and it is divided into 3 majors its is Marketing Public Relation, Broadcasting, and Digital Journalism, we already have more than 2400 graduates until this day, what we learn in Marketing Communication is the foundation is communication to be able to speak in front of people we enrich ourselves with theoretical knowledge in broadcasting and public relations.

Marketing communication is trying to prepare students with a solid foundation in communication skills to be able to work in a team deliver what our students have in mind and be able to perform in front of huge audiences and be successful in public relations industries.

Marketing communication also have entrepreneur course to burn the entrepreneurship soul inside our mind and we are trying to implement the lifestyle and tell our students to create their own business and create more working space instead of working in a company and be successful in global market.

We also have the 3+1 track that means our students will learn about the theory of Public Relations for 3 years and work to experience and implement the theory they already learn in campus for 1 year. We are preparing our students to work professionally after they graduate and try to enrich them with the working experience and adapt as professional.

Our goals for our graduates is to be able to apply the principle theory and apply it to daily use in work, apply the analytical skills in problem solving and research,  create the opportunities in the communication industries, applying the fundamental knowledge of Marketing Communication and Mass Communication, implement foreign language of global issues in Marketing Communication and Mass Communication context and be able to keep up with the newest information communication technology in the field. (Calvian Fernando)