Advertising and Branding

How is a product known to the public? How public see about product or company? How companies build a perception of the public about them? The answer for the questions is advertising and branding. Yes! With advertising and branding, a company can create a perception of the public by describing and reflecting the company to the public.

Branding is a fundamental thing between advertisers and consumers that are grounded in a promise of satisfying experiences from the brand usage. A company can build their image by what they want. Businesses can also control the perception of them. But how the company manages the knowledge that developed in society? The answer is advertising. And how the company shows and reflects about the enterprise. Branding and advertising are related each other. Branding is important to show how good the company in public’s mind. Businesses can use any tools to demonstrate their brand. One of the instruments is advertising. For example, if the company wants to brand them as a strong brand, the advertisement can figure out a man with professional looks. That’s why an advertisement can build the image for companies, which will impact for the company’s reputation.

Brand is valuable asset for company. Because of that, company has to build good brand to the public. The impact of a bad brand will impact to the whole company, especially for income. Brand can be very effective in competitive with other by effective communication that provided by advertising. To reach company’s goals, a public relation need to have good sense in advertising and branding, because it’s crucial for company’s life. That’s why communication practitioners’ need to learn about advertising and branding. (YX & CK)