In the digital era, there are many social media platforms available such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and more. The trick is to know the different characteristics of each platform to be able to effectively optimize Marketing Public Relations through social media.

Welcome to the digital era, where news travels faster than ever before and everyone can directly interact with almost anyone, where social media, is the new media. Just as important mass media such as TV, radio, and newspapers have always been in the past, social media has now become an essential media with just as big, if not even bigger impact on people and society.

Social media is the new perfect tool for Marketing Public Relations. Apart from how the basic usage is free and really helps with budgeting, it is also a very powerful media that can broadcast information around the globe in minutes and reach people on a personal level. A content can go viral worldwide, changing a company’s whole game and image overnight. Everyone can directly interact with companies, giving feedbacks that help companies to quickly respond, adjust, and maintain a good image.

Therefore, it is very important for everyone in Marketing PR to learn and understand social media. As one of the main aspects of digital marketing, it is important to know the unique characteristics and audiences of each different platforms as to know how to effectively optimize Marketing PR activities by using social media.

Aware of these things, now people are offering more and more courses and lessons for this matter, including at Binus University. Binus University’s Marketing Communication Department includes Digital Public Relations for Marketing Public Relations in its curriculum. Students learn how to maintain a good social media presence through consistent and responsive accounts to build and keep a good company image in public, how to analyze market and audience, create effective marketing campaigns and releases through social media, how to reach people personally or through influencers, and more. With practicum classes where students can directly experience and learn, Binus University prepares the young generations to be great digital-savvy Marketing PRs in the future. (ACT)