Corporate Public Relations or known as CPR is a function that manage every communication progress in company. It assists them to inform and directly respond public issues that is happening. As a professional CPR in the future, we had to increase our ability in public speaking and writing skills to create a good press release and left a good public impression. To deliver a professional CPR, Department of Communication in BINUS University has a major that can fulfill the needs of every company, it is Corporate Public Relations.

This major has Corporate Public Relations Writing (CPR-W) course.  The course is guiding students to increase their capability to be a professional writer. In the class, students practice their writing skills with laboratory assistants to fulfill any organization needs in PR aspect. The students are learning on how to write a good news release, newsletter, biography, advertorial, speech, and anything to create a good impression for the company. Laboratory Assistants has a very important role in this class. Because every student must be able to create a good paper in practical. So the Lab-Assistants must have a better capability and wide knowledge.

Every student possesses a great enthusiasm for the practicum class. They are extraordinary, creative, have great abilities, able to create a good paper and ready to be a professional CPR. That’s a reflection of effort from their projects and assignments.

“From the first time, I entered CPR-W class, Lab-assistants made the class feels fun, and friendly. Also, I learned a lot about how to make a good article and got so many advices to be a professional PR in the future, as our Lab assistant, Dinda Agustina Putri and Dwi Putri Handayani has become our role models, to be discipline and always motivate us to finish our task on time even though we have a lot of assignments every week. They correct our drafts, give us input and show us how a good article look like, they read our assignments clearly, so I knew where my mistake is. Every week I made a lot of skill  improvement ” said Criesta – Binusian 2019, one of our CPR Student.

Corporate Public Relations Writing course is a great class and must be on top of your list. Because we learn those things you need to face the future in the real world (industry) and will increase your ability to be a professional CPR (Dinda & Dwi).