Conflict is a condition that happens in an intra-personal nor interpersonal way that cause incompatibility within their environment. In daily life, conflict is not a thing that could be avoided by people, especially in a workplace. Conflicts in workplace are caused mainly because of differing expectation, competing goals, conflicting interest, confusing communication, unsatisfactory relations, and unsatisfying expression. All the above could happen because the diversity of people’s background. So, here are five tips to overcome conflicts in workplace.

  1. First, before resolving the conflict, it is better for us to understand what the conflict really is. In this case, we can relate it with Physics´ questions, where we must understand the questions first to solve it.
  2. Try talk appropriate to your colleagues to solve the conflict and try not to have hard feelings. Think rationally and eliminate the bad emotions that you feel.
  3. Listen and appreciate what your colleagues say. By appreciating their opinion, people will have a high respect to us and the conflict will decrease as the time goes by.
  4. The next step is try to make peace with your colleague by introspecting each other’s self.
  5. Last, if any of these steps didn’t work, ask someone else to be a mediator in your problems, who is neutral, to help conciliating the relationship.

By doing these five steps, you can solve the conflict more easily. We also have to keep in mind that conflict can be good and be bad, what makes them good is when you can handle the conflict well (AK, AF, RNP).