Diversity is something that we face all the time, especially in Indonesia. Indonesia has a lot of diversity such as ethnics, religion, race, culture, physical appearance. Campus is a place where people with differences meet. In campus we meet people that different with us, for example the way we think, the way we talk, the way we act and also the way we look. Sometimes diversity becomes conflict if we are unable to respect others, whereas diversity has positive values beneath it.

In Indonesia, we have so many religions such as Christian, Catholic, Muslim, Buddha, and Hindu. The way each religion worship their God is different. Bina Nusantara University (Binus University) is one example of campus where diversity grows. It used to have a view of moeslim student, but now Binus University has a balanced amount of student in each religion. It shows in the amount of religious student organization such as KMBD, KMK, PO, KMH, and MT Al Khawarizmi.

Diversity also comes in the shape of race and ethnics. Again, Binus University is a campus where diversity of race and ethnics grows. Nowadays, we can be friends with people from others provinces. Student in Binus University come from many different places such as Kalimantan, Sumatra, Sulawesi, and also Java.

Backgrounds can also be a source of diversity. The way people think and act is determined by their backgrounds. For example, someone who have already experience the Senior High School’s student organization might be faster to adapt in University and has a higher self-confidence. These different backgrounds result in different types of student.

There is a high chance that we will socialize with people that are different from us. To prevent us from having conflict about diversity we have to be able to respect others and see them not only from one side. We must have critical thinking and be an open minded person. Because it is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability ro recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences – Audre Lorde. (JS, NN, NF)