When talking about Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR), we have three points to talk about: sexual, reproductive health, and rights. I personally concern SRHR based on my experiences and knowledge, that SRHR is principally and practically about sexuality and reproduction. Sexuality is about human capacity to have experiences and responses toward their sexual activity with physically and mentally support. Physically support for example sexual organs, mentally support for example feeling of satisfaction. The goal is to have desires, pleasures and energy that construct human intimacy state. While reproduction is a biological activity to create a new individual organisms from their parent’s sexual activity. as a conclusion, when we discuss about sexual and reproductive health, it would further talk about how people able to have a satisfying and safe sex life, have capability to reproduce, also freedom to decide when and how often to do so.

When an individual has all aspects of sexual and reproduction, they considered “must” to have healthier physical and mental components of SRHR. Example on healthier physical state: person can use, keep, protect their own sexual organ to any related activities without against the healthy standard set up by related institutions or medical standard. example for healthier mental state such as people feel satisfaction normally and no deviation. goes to discussion about rights, there are several aspects concerned. every individuals have rights over information about SRHR principally. Practically, every individual have rights over how they gonna have sex life, reproductive activity without against the law. To the extend, people have rights over access to health care service, access to safe, effective, affordable and acceptable family planning, choose which fertility regulation, free from discrimination, coercion, violence, etc.

 The relation between SRHR to Sustainable Development Goals is strongly connected each other. Individual without SRHR surely have bunch of problem. Biggest problem regarding personal cognitive and physical development. When these two value affected, this individual couldn’t have normal life. Then what isthe relation to Sustainable Development Goals? When a person cannot continue study because of sexual harassment, cannot live normally because infected with sexual transmitted diseases, live in stressful environment because of discrimination and so on. Then how they can be an agent of change to create a better place for education and health. How could they transform themselves to be a qualified human resources that can end poverty, create zero hunger, provide gender equality, create more innovation towards economy activity, industry, peace and justice, better life below water, life on land, better regulation on sanitation, clean water, etc.

When all people achieve better SRHR, definitely they have a good state of physical and mental to continue their action by studying, researching, advocating, working for reach sustainable development goals. I have all information above within a community where I have involved for years. It called The center of information and counseling for youth: Nuansa or in Indonesian language we call: Pusat Informasi dan Konseling Remaja Nuansa. It is a community for youth from high school to university. It was formed by National Population and Family Planning Board of Indonesia aims to educate youth across Indonesia regarding SRHR. In this community we seperate two main duties to run. First as facilitator who will provide whole information regarding SRHR and counselor as well-trained private tutor whom youth can discuss with. The main issues of SRHR usually discussed within this community is about Free sex and HIV-AIDS, for some certain topic also discuss about Narcotics. So far, our community based in Bengkalis city, Riau province, Indonesia has created a significant contribution toward many youth in Bengkalis district. Our programs essentially targeted all teenager in junior to senior high school in Bengkalis. And so far the responses well appreciated. And now, we are a role model for other same based community across Indonesia after we declared by National Population and Family Planning Board of Indonesia as 2014 national best community in youth-SRHR category.

Our programs success to cultivated local society especially youth to increase their awareness toward SRHR issues. And it has proven by the participation of many youth in several event we held. Discussing about the development of a community, every community should have its strugle moments. We do so have lots of challenge while socializing and informing SRHR to youth in Bengkalis. Well, Indonesia is a multicultural country, Bengkalis as a small part of this big country also consist of multicultural society. The problem we often receive is when society perception in accessing the information we provide. Local society still have very strong culture values that contrary to the value of SRHR.

So, SRHR often received as a taboo thing to discuss. And they resisted it. As youth, we should not stop to try. By creating creative platform in providing information such as outbound, we often create an event that can attract people interest to join the event, then on the middle of the event, we put the SRHR information and share with them. But still for several situation, it didn’t work so well. So, we still trying so hard by inventing new way of sharing information and keep coordinating with National Population and Family Planning Board of Indonesia for Riau representative on how to solve this issues.

I feel, experience, see the real change happen in youth under the community, and now some of us who study in BINUS University are on the way to form the same community in BINUS. So, students as youth in BINUS can experience the change too. Wait for the development! stay tune!

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