The easier something to do, the more people will do it, correct?

Usually. But it is not the case with reading

It is natural if people long time ago did not read as much as today. The book / reading material is not as many as today, even at that time still there are many.

However, since Gutenberg innovated first modern printing device and the political & religious movement in western world like rennaisance because of dark ages & the birth of Protestan, the reading habit is booming. People don’t trust authority as much as wanted (still want) to find knowledge themselves.

However, the data from UNESCO in 2012 shows that in Indonesia, reading interest is 1/1000 (one in every a thousand persons). KONTAN, dated 19th -25th Oktober 2015 (economy tabloid from Kompas) says that today’s generation has low determination, does not have enough curiousity, underestimate things so easily, & ignorance with things

Quo vadis, reading habit?