Many people said that small city / village and living in it is a very good living. It’s quite, relaxing, non pulluted area. Hopefully we can live longer &better. The people know each other a lot better

However, there are “mix feelings” in situation in small city / village.

According to social experts and observed cases, grass root fighting regularly occurs in small city. Some of them has race & religion aspects.

I find it very odd since well-know-each-other citizens shouldn’t be like that. They should not be able to fight each other too easily. And if there is negative rumor concerning someone, they should not be too easily believe that. After all, they know each other very well, right?

One other thing that makes me sad is that if there is disgusting & cruel crime against child, the head of the area / village often turn the victim away to other places since the people are ashamed TO THE VICTIM.

As an educator, I am ashamed deeply that many small cities / villages in Indonesia are like that. How can atheist people, like in western,  have more compassion than us