When we talk about new beginnings, we often think that it is something beautiful and inspiring. Like having abandoned our previous way of living of wrongdoings and having a chance at a new path, a new way of living, a new start. But some people often forget that with the beautiful and awe inspiring new beginnings, also comes the fact a new beginning means that you have to start over. And sometimes it can be overwhelming so some people because it was for me.

I am much older than most of the students in my class. I’ve asked a few of my friends about their age and they were around 18 to 20 years old of the time of me writing this draft. If my friend was 18 years old, I would be 4 years older than them. I am 22 years old and will be turning 23 this year. Now you might be wondering, why is someone 3 or 4 years older than me in the same class as me. To which I answer that I have studied in this BINUS University for about 3 plus years now and have changed majors in the past. I used to be in the Game Applications & Technology major in the past until about when I entered my 5th semester before I decided to change majors. The reason why I decided to change majors is because that what the major that I applied for was not what I expected. Of course, I don’t mean that in a bad way, I mean that what was being taught was not piquing my interest as someone who is planning to graduate from this major. In my mind, I would rather change majors and graduate form a major and finding a job that I enjoy, rather than graduating and finding a job that I hated or didn’t enjoy as much. Of course, when I said this to my parents they were furious. But they were kind enough to give me a second chance and let me change majors to current one I am applying for and for me, this was my new beginning.

At the start I was hopeful and ready to take one everything that I had to. But then I had to realize that with these new beginnings, most of the time you are starting from scratch again, your starting back to zero. And at the time, I was a little scared and overwhelmed. Most of the previous knowledge that I had learned from my last major was completely useless because I applied to the Mass Communications major, which had almost nothing to do with computer science or game developing. But what kept me going was a quote from a fictional videogame character who says, “You will not fail if it is worth it”. To me this was awe inspiring and motivating because he does not say that there is a certain chance that you will fail; he straight says bluntly that if the goal that you are striving for is worth it, there is absolutely no chance that you will fail. And for those of us who are scared and overwhelmed about taking that first step, we need something or someone to motivate us and keep pushing us forward on this new journey. And when life gives you that second chance, make sure you don’t waste it because if a second chance is already rare, than a third chance would be even more rare.