Every student would want to graduate right and get the job they want, like working in a big, well-known company. And students who have just graduated are vying to send a CV to apply for the company they dream of, they must have their advantages in appealing to other applicants. The skills possessed by each individual must be there and following the knowledge learned during college, such as communication majors that must have basic public speaking skills. These skills can be a plus for other applicants and must display different things when showing them. But now applicants can’t show their skills because of the pandemic, and they have to show those skills virtual only. Starting from an interview that uses a virtual system, but still has to wear formal clothing in front of the interviewer.

Many have to be prepared to face online interviews, such as having to use a laptop and a stable internet connection. In addition to having to anticipate things that are not wanted even though it is a small thing, such as we have to provide a charger at a time when the battery power of the laptop is declining and set up hotspots from hp at a time when the internet at home is declining. For communication graduates or interns to have good and correct public speaking skills, the right way to be public speaking is that we have to record the important points that want to be conveyed to the audience. That way viewers can take the points we say, and apply them in their lives.

At the time I interviewed with the speaker, I also applied important points that should be conveyed and not be at the time of public speaking alone. In the interview, I was asking what was going on, and after doing the interview I immediately got an overview from the source because they provided short and clear information.  I also apply standardization to the office in conducting interviews using formal clothing, and I also have to be polite and polite in dealing with the source so that the source is comfortable talking to me and informing me.

Summary: Every new graduate and freshman must-have skills that match the knowledge given on campus; the skill must also be improved so that it becomes superior among other students. In addition to having skills must also have a good attitude so that it is loved by people inside and outside the office, and we also have to be professional.



By: Chaidar Ali Yahya |2201754545

This article is based on a PR Lab practicum project for the Workplace Ethics & Behaviour course