Every professional employee must have good ethics and behaviour in the workplace. In shaping employee ethics and behavior, one of the ways companies can do this is by making rules and work ethics that employees must obey and apply. The rules made by each company are different, depending on the company’s field, vision, or mission. Based on my interviews with 2 informants from different company employees, they are Mr. Eko Heriyanto, as Manager at PT. Duta Tata Echoindo and Mr. Hafizh Alfath, as an Account Executive at 7Langit Company, I have gained a lot of new knowledge about the corporate culture in each office.

When employees work at different companies, certainly, the rules that apply are also different. As in Mr. Eko’s company, every employee has a working time from 8 am to 5 pm and they must wear office uniforms from Monday – Thursday and casual clothes on Friday. Meanwhile, at Mr. Hafizh’s company, employees work from 9 am to 6 pm, but employees are allowed to wear casual clothes every day. For the work system, the two companies still prioritize face-to-face communication, so employees have to come to the office every day. However, it seems that due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, some jobs have been transferred to be done online.

Every company certainly has hopes that employee performance can continue to improve, but on the other hand, employees also need a balance between work in the office and personal matters. In this case, the two companies from my informants seem to have supported the work balance. This is shown by providing facilities, providing overtime pay, granting employee rights, and so on. As Mr. Hafizh said, “Our company has insurance, so each individual is given insurance”. It seems that this is also a consideration for employees to stay in a company.

If you talk about how to increase solidarity between employees, it turns out that meetings are very helpful! A meeting is a form of communication between employees that can improve employee performance as well. In addition to solving problems, meetings can also be useful for discussing plans, exchanging ideas and opinions, finding the best way to complete work, and resolving differences between employees. Evidenced by the statement from Mr. Eko, “Differences don’t mean that they are wrong. The difference is good for getting the best solution”, and also “Meeting is to speed up the way of working and also to avoid miscommunication or misperception”. From this statement, we can see that the role of meetings is so important to communicate in the company.

By: Salsa Ghassani Putri | 2201754596

This article is based on a PR Lab practicum project for the Workplace Ethics & Behaviour course