Good communication skills in the workplace are very determined someone performance in work life, all employees in a company must have the ability to use their communication knowledge properly and correctly, how they can interact with their co-workers, cooperate in solving problems, and complement each other. Many cases that occur in company life are detrimental to the company, such as conflicts between employees and misunderstandings that lead to termination of employment contracts, of course, this must be a major concern for companies that want to have a conducive and good working life.

In my opinion, a public relation has a big role in handling cases like this, a public relations person must first fix the relationship between workers in an office or company before starting to start relationships with external colleagues (public or partners), because it is difficult to be able to start a great job if the relationship at work cannot be implemented properly, and the reflection of the company also greatly determines the interest of potential consumers and partners.

As an explanation of the results of my interview with Mr. Dhafin Ghaniarta from PT. Tech Mahindra Indonesia said that ethics in working life in a company is very important, especially since the company involves many workers from various countries and cultures, “very important. because this is how to we respect each other. the way we achieve the goal of the company is coming from a small group in the company. if everyone in the organization or company understands how to communicate, how to assign our team, how to discuss, so automatically will minimize misunderstanding “said Mr. Dhafin Ghaniarta when in an online interview.

And ethics in work is not only determined by behavior but from the way the workers dress also determines whether the worker is competent in his field, several companies set rules for dressing formally and informally, because the way someone dresses is a person’s initial perception of judging someone, for example, when I interviewed Mrs. Khansa Khairunnisa from PT. Shopee International Indonesia, he informed that his company does not require workers to wear formal clothes as long as they understand the conditions, time, and place, “The rules in my company are informal clothes, wear jeans and t-shirts isn’t a problem. However, advised meeting with other companies it is better to use formal clothes “Said Mrs. Khansa Khairunnisa when we do interviews online.

So, in essence, ethics is everything in life, whether in work or daily life, the better the ethics we show to others, the greater their trust in us, paying attention to how we communicate and how we look is a step. beginning to be able to start ethically well in living everyday life.

By: Ghozy Rafif Darmawan|2201747003

This article is based on a PR Lab practicum project for the Workplace Ethics & Behaviour course