Workplace ethics also referred to as business ethics, describes the ethical dimensions of organizations and company activities. The term encompasses nearly every issue that may arise in a business, including production, distribution, marketing, sale, and consumption of the goods and services being offered. Workplace ethics refers to the way employees in an organization govern themselves and their overall work attitude, but it can also refer to the morality, or lack thereof, permeating a workplace.

I have recently conducted interviews with several office employees who have different work backgrounds so that they have their values. I interviewed as many as 4 people on the theme of ethics and behavior in the world of office work. Every job must have its own rules, dress ethics, office time to work ethics whether it is effective enough or not.

Each office has different rules, especially in terms of clothes, such as Sandra Tri Kartika as an invoicing at PT Bina San Prima. “When I go to the office every day, I usually wear formal clothes such as clothes that are not used as t-shirts and not allowed to wear jeans, for shoes other than flip-flops,” (2020/09/21).

Not just a dress code, but there are rules against employee absences who have a late deadline until 8 o’clock. If more than that, the consequence is a cut in salary, “My attendance at my office is at 8 o’clock. If it is over, it will be deducted from salary, so as much as possible I should not be late,” said Linda Mutiara Ayu as Admin Account Receivable at PT Mata Utama Indonesia, (2020/09/21).

Having good ethics in the world of work is very important in our lives as humans or not. “It is important because it can build relationships,” said Wiliam Fernandes as Product Manager, Marketing, Engineer at PT Sanwell Austindo, (2020/09/21).

If we discuss a relationship, then when we are at work, we have a wider friendship so that it can affect our thinking patterns as humans that continue to develop. Is it true that the more we have broad enough friends, the then our mindset will be open-minded? “Know more about personality so you can get your value, will automatically develop,” said Ryan Irianto as a Relationship Manager at PT, (2020/09/21). BRI Agroniaga. A little added from William Fernandes, “So more able to measure the way we communicate if you want to convey something cannot be generalized, so observe the characteristics of each individual,” (2020/09/21).

When viewed from the current state of the pandemic, many office workers are sent home without a salary but some work from home (WFH) and some are there to work from offices (WFO). “The current pandemic, my office has a change in office hours, has certain days, for example when Monday I work from home, tomorrow Tuesday I go to the office, Wednesday I return to work from home,” said William Fernandes, (2020/09/21). Different opinion from Ryan Irianto “I keep going to the office, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., there is no change at all with my office hours,” (2020/09/21).

Everyone must have a different experience such as in terms of creativity, certainly diverse human activities create their busyness and creativity. Before working in an office, it turned out that Mr. William and Mr. Ryan had the same experience, having been a Capoeira martial arts coach from Brazil. “Before this pandemic around 2018-2019, Ryan and I were coaches for Capoeira but in different places, I was in the Jakarta area and Ryan in the Karawang area,” said William Fernandes, (2020/09/21).

The world of work is different from the world of lectures or the world of students because it has rules that we have never met in the world of school. But we as humans are social beings who will always depend on other people, so we deserve to have good enough ethics to respect and understand others. We will always have life problems that come without us knowing the time. So we as humans who have a human sense should respect each other’s have different cultures or different backgrounds.

By: HAFIFAH ADILAH/ 2201840233