Lisa Stefany is one of Binusian 2017 Communication Department alumni. Her path can be an example for other students because she can finish her study in 4 years. Her interest in Communication studies has been rise since she was in high school. Lisa initially aspired to become a psychologist or a designer, but she was still very confused about her choice. However, at that time, Binus University made a visit to her school, Abdi Siswa, to give information about scholarship and study program socialization. That was the moment she finally decides to be a Communication student. Lisa was also supported by her parents to take Communication major.

During her study at Binus University, Lisa confessed that she’s not only got the knowledge about her major, but she also gains knowledge and experiences from the internship and entrepreneurship course. She also has good friends and good lecturers who always help and encourage her to finish her study. However, she also remembered how struggle she was in 3rdand 4thsemester. A lot of assignment to be done and difficult exams quite made her stressed that time. But she realized that’s worth it to be compared with the skills and knowledge that she got.

After finishing her studies, Lisa working as a photographer. Although her Job and her major is a bit different, Lisa realized that communication skill is useful and needed in any job and daily activity. Her communication skill makes her easier to communicate effectively and efficiently with her partner and client. And it indeed makes her job easier.

Lisa hopes that all Binusian will keep their spirit of learning and show the identity as a student of communication through their attitude wherever they are. Lisa hopes that in the future she can meet and see the alumni of Communication Department, Binus University become successful people and can build our nation.

Prepared by:

  • Filia Wulandari / 2001536794
  • Angela Natalia / 2001580933
  • Cyrilla/ 200158831
  • Chintya Robert / 2001565863
  • Sherly Melinda / 2001627073