Nowadays, there have been many ways to reach people out in regards to delivering mass information from such as advertising, social media or publishing. They are well known as millennials on how media exposure influence on their life mentally and developmentally in such a way that to keep informed on the latest updated news. However, by rapid growing information technology, media might have been causing which is more likely done by a teen to do away their free time on texting, sharing, calling etc.

To make a matter worst, the easiness of getting and conveying information through media to another person, impact on how they look and behave that could lead them at risk either idleness or mislead of a point of view. Then, being much exposed and no strict regulation from family cause peer attitudes on unfiltered content that should be avoided. But, it is worth remembering this kind of situations is several reasons on how consumers or teens might do, family and friend is the one who engages the most.

Despite noxious disadvantage using media as pathways to communicate and collect information, this is the positive way for children to have to broaden knowledge and develop their cognitive skill by facing and knowing the real problem in life. It would educate them and encourage them to be more actively involved creating better perspective side-view on their own. Therefore, the best way to keep consumers navigated on how media works is have submerged by parents and teens to always maintain discussion in picking up positive aspect and getting rid of the bad ones with reasonable replication (MA).



How Using Social Media Affects Teenagers