When we work in company, everything can’t be always flawless, there must have been a conflict that is an inevitable part of human relationship. A conflict can be positive and also negative, this depend on how we react to it. In workplace, we must be able to be a professional to solve it and if the conflict is effectively resolved, it can be a personal and professional growth.

A positive conflict is happened when we look for a good idea. For example in meeting, there are many ideas that is gathered so it is a conflict. Because of many ideas, we needs to discuss to find the best idea and this is some kind of positive conflict.

While negative conflict is usually happen in interpersonal relationship because of disagreement, dissatisfaction and expecting about something and this usually carries issues like race, ethnicity, age, sex, religion and disability. A negative conflict can make a disadvantage like decrease professionalism and work performance.

There are many types of conflict such as value conflict, is about influence position; economic conflict, is about monetary; interpersonal conflict, is about different communication of two or more people; organization conflict is about inequalities in organization; and the last environment conflict, is about external pressures.

When we overcomes a conflict, we must be professional and keep a good performance in workplace. A conflict can be deal with 5 (five) differences way, such as competing, compromise, avoiding, accommodating and collaborating. But this management styles depend on what the conflict is. Therefore, to deal with the conflict, we must become smart so we will get the advantage from that conflict. (A,G,V)