Siti Nahdiah, S.Ikom., M.A

Siti Nahdiah, S.Ikom., M.A is the Lecturer Specialist of Communication Department Binus University. She graduated from Chinese Culture University, Faculty of Communication, Journalism Department, Taiwan. Siti Nahdiah is also currently PIC for student’s enrichment program (3+1). Several of her research are as follows:


  • The Influence of Indonesia Talk Show Program on Audience’s Credibility Perception
  • Analysis of Teenage Facebook Users Behavior Responding to Sexual Harrassment from Facebook Friend in Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Analisa komunikasi Pemasaran Museum Nasional dalam Event Pameran Kebudayaan Cina (Studi Kasus: Pameran “Color of Uniqueness” Periode April –Mei 2011)