Indra Prawira S.P., M.I.Kom


Indra Prawira S.P., M.I.Kom

SCC (Subject Content Coordinator) Broadcasting


Jl. Syahdan No.9 Kebon Jeruk Jakarta Barat

2001, S1 Universitas Padjadjaran, Budidaya Pertanian
2011, S2 Mercubuana

Research Experience

2012 Inspirational Program on Television; Dramaturgy Studi on Kick Andy Communique, ISSN 1829-5851, vol 8 No. 1, )1/08/2012

2014 The Understanding of Commercialism in Broadcaster (Case Study at Creative Team ?Bukan Empat Mata?Program) ISBN 978-602-14699-1-0

2014 Political News in Entertainment TV Station.Humaniora, ISSN: 2087-1236 Vol 5, No. 2, 2/10/2014

2014 The Irony of National Traveling Industry in the Midst of the intensifying of Traveling Programs at Indonesian Television 2014 Citizen Journalism Program In Indonesian Television

  1. Dear Mr. Indra Prawira Hello, my name is Adolpha Anggarani. I'm a communication student majoring in Public Relation batch 2015 in President University. Now I'm on my thesis periode and I hope you can help me Sir. I'm interested with your topics Sir. Actually my thesis topic is about Dramaturgical approaches. I little bit hard to find the journal or book in your references. If you still have the pdf or the e-book, it's really help me a lot. Cause D-3 is my deadline thesis collection. Please send the data through my email : Thank you very much Sir