Ezmieralda Melissa, Ph.D.

Ezmieralda Melissa, Ph.D. joined the Department of Communication, Binus University in August 2022 as Associate Lecturer Specialist. Since 2008, she has been lecturing various Communication subjects, mainly in Strategic Communication and Media streams, in two Indonesian universities: President University and Swiss German University. Dr. Melissa’s research interests are strategic communication in public communication and the roles of information communication technologies in the empowerment of women and minority groups. In 2019, she obtained her doctoral dissertation from The University of Western Australia on political communication of the 2017 Jakarta’s gubernatorial election. Dr. Melissa is passionate about languages. Apart from teaching, she is a professional translator and interpreter for English and French. In her spare time, she enjoys hand lettering and spending times with her two sons.
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  • Research fellow at the Advanced Centre for Sustainable Socio-Economic and Technological Development, University Technology Sarawak, Malaysia (2021 – present)
  • Project Manager for a research conducted by Prof. Mark Levy, Department of Telecommunication, Information Studies, and Media, Michigan State University entitled “The Economic and Social Impact of a Mobile Phone App on Women who Own Micro and Small Businesses in Nigeria and Indonesia” (2012-2013)