Letter From Head of Department

Welcome to the Communication Department!


As part of Binus University, Communication Department has operated since November 2007 and has more than 2,400 graduates majoring in Public Relations and Broadcasting. We are proud to inform you that our employment rate on graduation day reached 93% and 63% of them work for global companies.

As we know that today’s communication industry in Indonesia has shown a significant change. The number of journalism and creative broadcasting industries, televisions, radio, digital media has grown up drastically. Not to mention that the broadcasting industry has shifted from analog to digital. Then, how could that fact impact the graduates? Broadcasting industries require graduates who are competent in non-linear video editing, operating a high-quality broadcast camera, who can write and communicate clearly, an expert in the digital media, yet passionate and can do the job right (source: The Holmes Report, 2016).

In addition to that, the Public Relations industries have also shown remarkable growth. Companies, nowadays, require more complex skills. Since companies allocate more budget on hiring Public Relations agencies, therefore, the graduates must be proficient in writing, strategic planning, social media, business literacy, analytics, and research (source: The Holmes Report, 2016).

Our focus during eight semesters at the Communication Department is to prepare students with three years of basic and up-to-date knowledge in the communication field, especially digital, with help from our high-qualified lecturers and professionals from reputable companies. We also enrich students with one-year professional experience through internships in various industries and non-profit organizations. Even though we educate our students to have a global mindset; but we also expect them to value local wisdom throughout collaboration research with our lecturers and community services. Our main goal is to create professional talents with a global mindset, who are digitally savvy and creative.

It is a pleasure for us to welcome you to the Communication Department and be part of the digital communication world!

  1. Selamat siang admin, Perkenalkan nama saya Muhamad Syahriel. Untuk Jurusan marketing communicatin binus apakah ada program ekstensi ? Kebetulan saya dari program D3 Komunikasi Institut Pertanian Bogor dan ingin melanjutkan ekstensi di Binus. Terima kasih.

    • Selamat sore Muhammad Syahriel, Terima kasih atas komentarnya di web kami. Sayang sekali saat ini kami tidak menyediakan program ekstensi dari D3. Namun silakan kalau berminat untuk join webinar yang kami adakan untuk umum. Salam komunikasi.