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What is the benefit of Marketing Communication Department student?

Marketing communication is an interdisciplinary major that combines the concepts and theories of Marketing and Communication Science.  You can choose between Marketing communication program and Mass communication program. Marketing communication program has two concentrations; Marketing Public Relations (MPR) and Corporate Public Relations (CPR). In MPR, students will learn about how to branding the product, IMC (Integrated Marketing Communication), negotiation technique and lobbying, advertising, writing skills in marketing in communication context. Whereas in CPR, students will learn about how to manage the corporate reputation, develop the corporate social responsibility programs, writing skills in corporate communication context. All concentrations offer advanced ICT and globally minded approach as the characteristic of Binus University.

What makes Marketing Communication Binus stand out among others?

  • The lecturers: We have high standard lecturers who graduating from prominent university, national and international.
  • The programs: We offer unique programs based on National standard, however one of our goals is for our student to have global mindset, so in some classes, the courses are delivered in English. We also use international textbook, so the student can have broader knowledge about the course. Furthermore, we have 3+1 Program that enable student to have professional real experience for a year.

What is 3+1 Program?

3+1 Program stand for 3 years in university and 1 year in industry/ community development program. For a year, student will be able to experience working in professional environment. It will give the best opportunity for the students to use their theoretical knowledge in professional area. This is also the benefit of studying in Marketing Communication Binus University; all students will have a real experience before graduating from college.

Could you explain about the concentration of Corporate Public Relations? And what are their prospect careers?

The concentration of Corporate public relations will help you to understand on how corporate communicate with their stakeholders. Public relations (PR) are involved in a variety of tasks, ranging from writing press releases, develop relationship with journalist and editors, managing issue internal and external, media monitoring and writing report for media coverage data, reputation management to managing the crisis communication. Public relations nowadays also need the capability to produce content especially in social media and corporate website. Corporate public relations tend to be fast paced, and PR practitioners must be able to adapt quickly to changing priorities.

The career prospects for Corporate Public Relations are:

  • Corporate PR
  • PR in NGO including United Nations (UN)
  • PR in Government Office
  • Strategic Planner
  • Account Manager
  • Social Media Specialist
  • Media Planner and Buyer
  • Media Relations
  • Communication and digital strategist
  • Community Development Manager
  • Corporate Relationship Manager
  • Corporate Affairs Manager

Could you explain about the concentration of Marketing Public Relations? And what are their prospect careers?

In the concentration of Marketing Public Relations you will learn more about corporate branding, consumer relationship management, event organizing, stimulating repeat usage of a product, integrated marketing communication, and how to shape public opinion about organization. The workload is not only focus on public relations but also in the goals of marketing.

The career prospects for Marketing Public Relations are:

  • PR Manager
  • Account Manager
  • Social Media Specialist
  • Media Planner and Buyer
  • Media Relations
  • Communication and digital strategist
  • Event Organizer
  • Corporate Marketing Communication
  • Costumer Relationship Manager

Could you explain about the concentration of Broadcasting? And what are their prospect careers?

The concentration of broadcasting will teach you on how to build understanding of television and radio production. You will learn more about how to make creative program and management of broadcasting, interview and reportage technique. All the courses are designed to develop broad understanding of theoretical and professional skills. Thus, the course not only given in the classroom, but also in the broadcasting laboratory.

The career prospects for Broadcasting are:

  • Anchor
  • News Reporter
  • Camera Operator
  • Floor Director
  • Program producer

Could you explain about the concentration of Digital Journalism? And what are their prospect careers?

On the concentration of Digital Journalism student will learn more about the basic journalistic. Moreover it will focus on digital area. The course will focus on the Photography for Journalistic and Digital Journalism, Media Interview Technique, Creativity for Media Communication, Web Production and Web Management, Desktop Publishing for Digital Journalism, Journalism in a Globalizing World and Writing for Cultural Issue. The student also will get the experience in journalistic through internship program.

The prospect careers for digital journalism are:

  • Journalist
  • Editor
  • Digital copywriter
  • Photo Journalist

Do you have a course that gives us insight on how to be professional in a workplace?

Yes, on third semester all the program in Marketing Communication Department will get Professional Image and Acting course. It will give you an illustration on how to be professional in the workplace.

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